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  Topic: Voting System! Vote for headgears!
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Reign Online uses a unique and sophisticated Voting System:

For every VALID vote you put in for Reign Online on a voting site, you'll receive one Silver Coin. Once you have enough coins, visit Rewards Girl in Prontera to claim a hat!

Rewards Girl
- over 140 unreleased official headgear
- each headgear cost 50 Silver Coins
- headgears are bound to your account and cannot be traded or sold

In order to vote, you must have a forum account. If you do not have an account, you can create one using the Forum Account link.

Voting System
1. Log in to your forum account
2. Go to your Profile page, and enter your in-game character name in the Silver Coin Recipient field. Save your Profile.
3. Now that a character is tied to your forum account, you can click the Vote links on top of every page.
4. Once you click one of the voting links, you enter the voting site. If you have to enter a text CAPTCHA or press a button to complete the vote, you must do so.
5. Once you completed the vote, you must find the Reign Online banner on the voting site, and click it to return to On some sites, Reign Online might not be on the first page. You might also have to view by categories in order to find the link back to
6. Once you click the link to, you'll see that you have received a Silver Coin!
7 Talk to Rewards Girl to claim your Silver Coins.

- You may obtain a maximum of 10 Silver Coins per IP address per day (it resets every night at 12:00 midnight server time)
- You may only obtain 1 Silver Coin per voting link every 12 hours
- You must be logged in to your forum account
- You must use the voting links on the top of the website. No other voting links will give you Silver Coins.
- You MUST have the Silver Coin Recipient field of your Profile filled out, and this name MUST be a valid in-game character name. Spelling matters. We are not responsible for your typos!
- You must complete one whole voting transaction within 5 minutes
- You must complete one voting cycle that consists of clicking the voting link, voting, finding the ReignOnline link, and clicking that to return to

Some of the headgear may not function as they should. Rewards Girl headgears should ONLY be used for looks! Do not rely on them for stats, as their stats may not work, or they may change in the future. Also, some of these headgears may have class or level restrictions! Usually, these restrictions are in effect, so make sure your character can wear the hat you want!

Also to note: sometimes at the beginning of the month, the stats on the voting sites are reset. When this happens, the link to Reign Online might not be visible for a short while.

Common Questions

Q: How can I give these headgears as gift?
A: Vote on the behalf of someone else! You can enter someone else's character name in the Silver Coin Recipient field of your Profile. That person will receive coins when you vote.

Q: I voted, but I didn't get my coin!
A: Check to make sure you are logged in, have the Silver Coin Recipient field filled out, and that you complete a full vote cycle within 5 minutes. Also, if you are using security software or a web browser in 'secure' mode, you may not get your Silver Coin. It is important that your web browser accepts cookies, have JavaScript enabled, and is not hiding the HTTP Referrer information.

Q: Can I trade in a hat after I receive it from Rewards Girl?
A: No. You are only allowed to trade it in if the item does not have a proper working sprite.

Q: Can I use more than 1 Public IP address to get more than 10 coins in a day?
A: YES! You can vote at home, in school, at work, or at Starbucks even! Each unique IP address allows you to have up to 10 coins each day. If you do use a public computer to vote, remember to log out of your forum account after you do so.

So there you have it!

We hope this will encourage everyone to support ReignOnline by voting. For those of you who have been voting for us all this time, we thank you. For those of you who are going to vote from now on, we thank you as well. All your support is much appreciated! Very Happy

Carry on, rock on, and most importantly - have fun.
Support Reign Online by voting!
Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:42 am
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